Free Roofing Inspection & Quote

When is the last time you walked on your roof to inspect it? We offer free and honest roofing inspections so you know the condition of your roof and if it's in need of repair or replacement, all while keeping you safely on the ground.
If you need a full roof replacement, we recommend getting at least 3 quotes - we would love to be one of those quotes as you decide what is best for your home.

Free Hail Damage Inspection & Report

Did you know that most homeowner's insurance policies cover the full replacement of a hail damaged roof? If you were hit by any of our hail storms last year, your roof may have sustained enough damage to qualify for a full replacement under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Hail damage is typically not an emergency repair that causes an immediate leak. However, the damage caused actually shortens the life of your shingles and requires a roof replacement sooner than expected. With that said, most insurance policies require that you submit your claim within 12 months of the incident.
Rector Construction offers free hail damage inspections, photo reports, and replacement quotes that you can submit to your insurance company with your claim.

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