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50 days of $500

We will beat any competitor's bid by $500 or we will give you $100.

Cleanliness and Safety are important to us. We don't want to leave even one nail...

So we will give you $1 back for every nail or 2-inch piece of roofing debris you find in your yard 24 hours after install.

If your roof needs extra decking replaced, we will replace them at cost - $35 per sheet of OSB we replace.

Lic. No.: 104.018270

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Rules & Restrictions

Valid only through April 1 - May 15, 2019. Residential shingle full tear offs only. Roof must be at least 20 Squares. If under 20 Squares, we will match a competitor's bid or give you $100. If we're not able to beat your other bids by $500, we will give you $100. You must provide proof of paid invoice from our competitor. Must be located within 30 miles of Champaign, Illinois.

Only the following competitor's bids qualify:

  • All Angles Roofing
  • Bash Pepper Roofing
  • Dillman Brothers
  • Freedom Roofing & Construction
  • Sentry Roofing, SK Exteriors
  • Steinmeyer Construction
  • Roof Doctors
  • Roofs by Rodger
  • The Roofing Dog